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October/November 2010
Model Answer By Our Student
Q.2(a) : A Strange Wedding
          The writer describes the church as a very scary, haunted place that is most unsuitable for a
          marriage ceremony. He describes the church to have an ‘unpleasant clamminess’ which may
         emphasise the friction between the two families. It shows that they shouldn’t be together as it
          gets too crowded. The differences between them may cause the claustrauphobic feeling.  
          Clamminess may also suggest the feeling of sweat and discomfort which refers to the writers
          use of ‘ unpleasant’. It gives to the clashes and tension felt between the two families.

          The writer describes the root as an ill-fitting jigsaw which may suggest that the two
          families are not well matched. The jigsaw may also refer to the different opinions that the
          family had when they arrived and first met. It may also foreshadow the mismatch of the
          married couple and the disjoined couple that they have become. This also creates a tense,
          anxious atmosphere.

          The writer describes the church as ‘gloomy’ which may refer to the opinion that Mrs. Kougar
          has on Mrs. Ferris-Grebe. They don’t understand each other and the writer emphasizes this by
         showing that they are gloomy and grey. Furthermore, the writer refers to the age of the church
         as it suggests it is very old. Also, using the word gloomy, personifies the church which may
         indicate that it is giving a warning of the ‘gloom’ the couple will feel later on.

         The writer also writes that there is an ‘intermittent dripping’ which may act as an annoyance. It
         also creates tension and a sense of fear due to the steady intervals of dripping water. The fact
         that the beat can be heard emphasizes the quietness of the church . Even though it is a festive
         occasion, no one is talking. The writer uses this to show the awkward silence present in the

         Lastly, the writer suggests there are ‘eerie corners’ of the church referring to it being hidden,
         like a secret. The ‘eerie’ atmosphere  created seems to compare the church to a haunted
         house. It also emphasizes how ancient the church is and how dark the atmosphere is.

         In summary, the writer creates a very tense atmosphere referring to the friction felt between
         the family and the old haunted house image of the church.

                The writer describes Mr. Kougar’s Clothes to match his happy, cheerful personality creating a
                more light hearted atmosphere. The writer describes him as a ‘ rainbow of a man’ suggests that
                he is wearing very colourful, happy clothes. A rainbow is seen as beautiful and something that
                you are lucky to see. This may suggest that he is a very cheerful man who has an aura of
                happiness that people are lucky to feel. Through his clothes, the writer creates a very colourful
                and vibrant atmosphere.
                The writer describes him to wear ‘ purple trousers’. The colour purple is very regal and royal
                suggesting that he tried hard to dress well and look royal in front of the Grebe’s but the writer
                suggests them as being ‘bright’ which then makes them look more neon and therefore more
                tacky than royal. However, this matches his personality better and they suggest that he creates a
                light hearted atmosphere through this.
               The writer also describes him as he ‘strutted like a peacock’. The fact that he ‘strutted’ suggests
               his confidence and self-belief but also confuses the reader as to why he is exuding confidence at a
               church.The writer uses this to suggest Mr. Kougar's confusion too. The writer also uses the word
               ‘peacock’ in the simile which is a very majestic and magnificient  animal. But, the writer is
               referring to the colourful clothes.
               The writer describes his clothes and colours as ‘hideously mismatched’ which suggests that he is
               wearing a very striking but ugly outfit . The fact that it is mismatched but he doesn’t know and see
               it shows that his fashion sense is not very good. He seems to throw on as many colours as he can
               and this reflects his carefree attitude.
               Lastly, the writer describes him to have a ‘ beaming smile’ as he is very cheerful and excited. The
               fact that it is beaming suggests that it is radiating through the church. The writer uses his smile to
               create a more celebratory atmosphere; one that a wedding should have. The reader feels positive
               and excited about the wedding and the writer emphasizes the celebration of the marriage
               through this.
               Overall, the writer creates a more light hearted and positive atmosphere through Mr. Kougar’s
               clothes and smile .







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