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October/November 2010

Q.3(a) : A Strange Wedding

 Many Chinese families follow strict traditions from their ancestors. For the guests, three invitations
 are sent including on as a request, other as a gift and one as the normal wedding invitation. The
 expenses of the wedding are taken care of by the groom’s family. On the day before the wedding,
 she is kept away from her best friends as to mourn the loss of her relatives and friends in the past.
 She is also bathed in Pomelo infused water to cleanse her room from evil influences. The date of
 the wedding is chosen using the lunar calendar.

The alignment of the moon and stars should be correct. Marriage should always start every half hour as the clock hands more upwards signifying the start of the marriage on a high. [All invitations are sent in red as to signify affection, good luck and happiness.] The couple’s parents are required to provide a bed in which the groom sleeps on and a young nephew jumps on. On the day, the couple serve tea to their guardians presented with jewels in return. The bride wears both a white dress and red dress in the banquet. On the day after, the bride wakes up early to honour and greet her ancestors.


 In the wedding, the bride, Cecilia arrived late to the ceremony. There was a steady dripping sound
 maybe due to the heavy rain. The Kougars twins were loud and violent, fighting and playing hide
 and seek. The Vicer had forgotten his speech and so was lost and had to stop halfway through.  
 Fred’s brother, the best man, had forgotten the location of the ring and started feeling anxious. The
 organist played a very inaccurate version of the wedding march which was not recognisable. A
 storm was present and the rain added to the clamminess of the area.

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