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October/November 2010
Model Answer By Our Student
Q1 : A Strange Wedding
Mrs. F-G  : Well, I expect you must be very proud of your son, Fred. He sure is a lucky man to find a
                    daughter like mine.
Mrs. K      :(Laughing) Yes, yes. They are a lovely couple, I mean, look at them. Oh. They looked
                   beautiful  together at the alter. Even the priest forgot his words as he was stunned by
                   their beauty.
Mrs. F-G   :No, the priest forgot his words due to your twins. Don’t you remember? Your children
                   broke out into a violent fight that interrupted the ceremony. I am sure you are aware of
Mrs. K      :Oh ! Kids will be kids, what can you do ? (Laughing embarrassed)
Mrs. F-G  :Well, to answer your question, control them. Discipline them as in this fine, grand
                   ceremony their unruly comments about my daughter and their constant fidgeting is not
                   appreciated. Disturbing the priest is not something to be proud of. It spoiled the
Mrs. K     : Well, I am sorry it affected you so much. I for one loved the ceremony. The colours, the
                   smiles, my son looking so smart and the lovely pair, it was wonderful .
Mrs. F-G : The bride did look good didn’t she. She wore the family wedding dress so she looked
                   especially good.
Mrs. K    :  She chose to wear the dress ? (Surprised)
Mrs. F-G : Well, she didn’t have much of a choice. This dress and this church is a part of the tradition
                   of marriage in our family.
Mrs. K     : Oh; but this church is very ancient. It seems a bit dull and gloomy.
Mrs. F-G : It was used 25 years ago for my wedding ceremony. It is not dull, it is filled with
                  memories. Infact I like it.
Mrs. K     : Who knew that my Fred would marry your Cecilia. They met at University. Did she tell you
                   the story?
Mrs. F-G : Just a little bit. The fact that Fred was doing the exact opposite course to her. He was
                  doing Engineering while Cecilia was in Psychology and Classical Studies.
Mrs. K     : Opposites attract, don’t you think? They make a lovely pair.
Mrs. F-G : Honestly, I am not sure. Initially, I thought they would be most unsuitable. I mean they
                  have nothing in common.
Mrs. K     :But it was love at first sight. Don’t be old fashioned, they are young and in love.
Mrs. F-G :You are not persuading me at all. We shall see now Fred treats my daughter.
Mrs. K     :Don’t you worry! Fred is a charming young boy and we are an easy going family. She will  
                  settle right in.
Mrs. F-G :That is what I am afraid off. My family is about discipline and regiment. I don’t believe  in
                  the care free attitude. I believe in preparing and planning and I hope the discipline I
                  instilled in my daughter remains while living with Fred.
Mrs. K     :Fred is not overpowering. He loves her for who she is, so she won’t change. Calm Down.
Mrs. F-G :Our families are very different. It is so obvious to see I wear grey in honour and respect of
                  this significant ceremony while you adorn loud garish jewellery and multicoloured,
                  rainbow clothes. To me, this is unacceptable.
Mrs. K     :To me, your grey clothes match your stiff, rigid personality. You overpower your daughter,
                  influencing her to a point where her freedom of choice is lost. Our clourful cloths reminds
                  us that this is not only a ceremony but a colourful, fun celebration.
Mrs. F-G : My daughter is an independent lady who has to just follow our discipline and traditions. I
                   see no discipline in your household. I mean, your children played hide and seek. There is
                   no respect for the ceremony.
Mrs. K     : Oh! Please! My kids are having fun, something your family can’t seem to do. And this
                   venue and the organist are terrible, I barely recognize the wedding march.
Mrs. F-G : She is a friend of mine! I hope Fred isn’t like you.
Mrs. K     : Well, if Cecilia is like you then my poor Fred will be suffering.
Mrs. F-G :  We shall see how it goes. I have had enough.
Mrs. K     :  Same; at least we’re not getting married. Anyway, I have to go now. Bye now (Smiling)
Mrs. F-G :  Goodbye. (Stern face)  



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