Sunday, 31 March 2013

All About Us

1.     Who are we?

A team of 10 dedicated teachers, we provide Customized One to One tuition. In addition, for your Math and Science needs, we work in close coordination with MathVision which currently hires 65 teachers.

2.     What do we do?

We work like a team of doctors in a hospital. We not only prevent sickness, but also take immediate action in case of emergencies.

3.     Why connect with us?

Children need not only be taught but also be heard. We treat each child as an individual, recognize his potential, set his goals, advise and counsel as per the need. So, you don’t get a mere teacher but also a guide and a mentor. 

4.     I thought a home tutor would suffice?

Well, Yes and No…

Yes, as it saves your travel time and that is why We are Right at your Doorstep.

No, as you can never be sure about the quality and continuity. You also need to constantly juggle your child’s already tight schedule. With an hour’s notice, you can attend a class with us anytime.

So, with us you are like with a Professional Home Tutor.

5.     What if I don’t like the class?

We have a Refund Policy. At Any Time when you want to stop the classes, we will refund the fees Without Any Questions asked.

6.     What do I do now?
 We are the help that you need, whenever you need. Save our contact number immediately. Many parents save our number as Emergency Education.

Our Expertise

  • English
  •  French
  • Mandarin


ü  SAT

ü  Grade 1-Grade 12

ü  Local &International Schools

One-to-One Tuition

At Le Centre, we believe that every child has an inherent ability to learn in his own unique way and we must provide appropriate learning opportunities to him. At the same time, learning should be enjoyable and based on diligent student-inquiry. This is why we only have strictly ONE-TO-ONE tuition. Our teachers engage the students attentively and interaction is a major factor in how we teach our students.

Excellence means doing your very best. In everything. In every way. And it comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking into the smallest detail, and going the extra mile.
Our highly academic, experienced and dedicated teachers go that extra mile all the time and strive to offer the best quality education. Our main goal is to create an environment that will inspire our students and will provide them with the confidence and enthusiasm to attain the highest possible results.
We aim not only to improve the final grades but also to shape the students as they move towards their goals. The students will learn to cooperate with each other, manage time and work in a way that will teach them to schedule their load. Furthermore, they will also learn the importance of perseverance and diligence.

Friday, 29 March 2013

The one-size-fits-all approach is obsolete.

Our philosophy is very simple.We strongly believe that effective learning is always based on customised teaching.

We offer no shortcuts and tricks for success. Highly passionate about our work, we motivate our students to do the same. We make sure our students maximize every moment of time they spend studying for their exams.

About The Founder
Ms. Richa Mahajan is a self directed and enthusiastic educator with more than twelve years of experience in International Education.

Armed with prestigious and renowned degrees from JNU and AIMA, she commenced her career with Infosys. "Teaching is in my blood. The moment I taught my first student, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." "It is a great feeling to see the light bulb go on," she says, "and to be rewarded with a sparkle in the student's eyes who finally gets it."

Presenting information in a variety of ways, she reinforces its relevance in the world beyond the classroom. She places a strong emphasis on her guiding role with students, while her ‘open door’ policy for parents helps develop a strong partnership – critical she believes, for a rewarding and successful education for the children.