Sunday, 31 March 2013

All About Us

1.     Who are we?

A team of 10 dedicated teachers, we provide Customized One to One tuition. In addition, for your Math and Science needs, we work in close coordination with MathVision which currently hires 65 teachers.

2.     What do we do?

We work like a team of doctors in a hospital. We not only prevent sickness, but also take immediate action in case of emergencies.

3.     Why connect with us?

Children need not only be taught but also be heard. We treat each child as an individual, recognize his potential, set his goals, advise and counsel as per the need. So, you don’t get a mere teacher but also a guide and a mentor. 

4.     I thought a home tutor would suffice?

Well, Yes and No…

Yes, as it saves your travel time and that is why We are Right at your Doorstep.

No, as you can never be sure about the quality and continuity. You also need to constantly juggle your child’s already tight schedule. With an hour’s notice, you can attend a class with us anytime.

So, with us you are like with a Professional Home Tutor.

5.     What if I don’t like the class?

We have a Refund Policy. At Any Time when you want to stop the classes, we will refund the fees Without Any Questions asked.

6.     What do I do now?
 We are the help that you need, whenever you need. Save our contact number immediately. Many parents save our number as Emergency Education.

Our Expertise

  • English
  •  French
  • Mandarin


ü  SAT

ü  Grade 1-Grade 12

ü  Local &International Schools

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